Parent Council

Craigie Parent Council meet the second Wednesday of every new term. We meet in the staffroom at 6.30-8.00pm and all parents are very welcome to attend.

Chairperson:             Jen Whyte

Vice Chairpersons:   Gail Lowe

Treasurer:                  Mark Longden

Secretary:                  Colleen Houston-Gibb

Parent members:      Merrick Whyte, Hamish Erskine, Dean Thomson, Helen Gregory, Karen Mackie,

                                      Lachlan Renwick

Other members:       Cllr Willie Wilson

Staff members:         Lesley Gibson, Lynne Perkins, Shelley Irvine


To get in touch with Parent Council, please contact:

For the Craigie Parent Council Constitution click here


Minutes from Parent Council 2020-2021

AGM minutes - 8 September 2020