Craigie Parents in Partnership

At Craigie, our Parent Council and Parent Teachers’ Association have recently merged to create a new parent group called Craigie Parents in Partnership (CPP). The purpose of CPP is to meet regularly to discuss statutory tasks, school issues and fundraising ideas and events. All parents are automatically members of the Parent Forum, therefore CPP meetings are open to any parent who wishes to attend. Minutes of these meetings are emailed to all parents and are available on the school’s website. The CPP membership is as follows:

Elected Parents

            Jen Whyte                                           (Chairperson) 

            Gail Lowe                                            (Vice Chair)    

            Mark Longden & Alison Marshall        (Treasurers)   

            Colleen Houston Gibb                        (Secretary)

            Sam Lammond                                   (Fundraising)

Parent members:      Merrick Whyte, Hamish Erskine, Dean Thomson, Helen Gregory, Karen Mackie,                                                                      Lachlan Renwick, Jason MacDonald

Other members:       Cllr Willie Wilson

Staff members:       Lesley Gibson (Headteacher), Jenny Ballantine (DHT), Lynne Perkins, Shelley Irvine, Alison Wilson,                                     Maureen Taylor, Kristen Evans, Vikki Dawson, Karen Hogg


To get in touch with Craigie Parents in Partnership, please contact: 

For the Craigie Parents in Partnership Constitution click here

PLEASE NOTE:  All matters relating to individual children, teachers, or classes should be raised with the Headteacher, as these are not included in the remit of Craigie Parents in Partnership.


Minutes from Parent Council 2020-2021

AGM minutes - 8 September 2020

Meeting Minutes- 10 November 2020

Meeting Minutes - 12 May 2021

Meeting Minutes - 15 September 2021